Nyancoin: digital currency themed on Nyan Cat.


March 2021 - Other coins are Unrelated

This Nyancoin started on 3 January 2014 and uses it's own blockchain. It is not a token on someone else's chain.

Several other more recent tokens / projects / coins exist with Nyan in their name, however they are all separate and unrelated. No one here or in the Reddit or Telegram group can help with those.

For assistance with those other tokens, please contact the owners/organisers of those projects directly.

Before buying any token or coin, do your own research so you know exactly what you are buying and from who.

Get Involved

Join the reddit community or Telegram to see how you can help.


Please download and install the Nyancoin software.

Exchanges, Mining, Paper Wallet

Links to exchanges, mining pools and more can be found here.

Updated 28 March 2021. Contact / impressum Sitemap:sitemap.xml.