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Exchanges are facilities where you can sell or buy Nyancoin for various other currencies. Note that by using such services, you are giving Nyancoins to a third party, who could run away with the Nyancoins and never return. They probably won't - but it could happen. These exchanges have little or no regulation, they are not banks and do not have any of the safeguards that a bank does.


(NYAN/BTC) Nyancoin/Bitcoin
(NYAN/LTC) Nyancoin/Litecoin
(NYAN/DOGE) Nyancoin/Dogecoin

Nova Exchange

IMPORTANT - The future of Novaexchange is under negotiation - please see their news page for the current situation.

(NYAN/BTC) Nyancoin/Bitcoin
(NYAN/LTC) Nyancoin/Dogecoin
(NYAN/LTC) Nyancoin/Ethereum
(NYAN/LTC) Nyancoin/Litecoin
(NYAN/LTC) Nyancoin/Mooncoin
(NYAN/PIGGY) Nyancoin/Piggycoin


Faucets are websites which give away small amounts of Nyancoin at regular intervals - just enter your Nyancoin address for a payout.


Mining Pools

Nyancoins are created by complex mathematical calculations which process Nyancoin transactions into blocks - typically a new block is created every minute. It's possible to do this on a single computer, but a more realistic method is combining the efforts of many computers via a pool, so that all those involved can share the rewards of creating new Nyancoins.

Hash To Coins

Nyancoin uses the Scrypt alogrithm, so any Scrypt mining hardware can be used.

Block Explorers

Every new block of transactions is added to the list of previous blocks - the blockchain. The blockchain is a record of every Nyancoin transaction ever made.
Block explorers provide an easy method of viewing those transactions and obtaining useful information from them.

Nyan Chain
Prohashing Explorer
ItalYiiMP 2.0 Explorer


Nyancoin Space Administration

Nyancoin Wiki
List of network peers

Updated 16 November 2017.