Very few or no connections? Please set port 33701 open to incoming connections in your firewall configuration.

Network Information

84 Network Connections

This node has 84 connections to the network.

Latest block (height) is 2473604.

Chain age 4 years, 10 months, 14 days.

Current date and time is 17 Nov 2018, 19:35 GMT. Refresh

Latest Block created less than one minute ago.

Block 2473604 was created on 17 Nov 2018 at approximately 19:35 GMT and has a difficulty of 25.61313193

Block Rate 0.969 per minute

Blocks should be found at a rate of one per minute, so 500 blocks should take 500 minutes.

The last 500 blocks actually took 516 minutes, this seems reasonable.

If a new block were found now, the average for the last 500 would be 516 minutes.

Decorative Dials


Connections - Green is 10+, Amber is 4-10, Red is 3 or less.
Latest Block - Green is less than 10 minutes ago, Amber 10 minutes - 2 hours, red is over 2 hours.
Block Rate - Green is within 10% (450-550), Amber is up to double/half (250-450 or 550-1000), red is anything else.

These ranges have been chosen as they seemed suitable at the time, and may well be altered in the future.

Updated 17 Nov 2018, 19:35 GMT. Contact / impressum