What is Nyancoin ?

Nyancoin is a cryptocurrency based on Nyan Cat and was launched in January 2014 with the words 'It is my great pleasure to announce to you all that we have partnered with the creators of Nyancat to create the first officially licensed cryptocurrency in history!'.

The original announcement was on bitcointalk.org

Unfortunately, the original developers mysteriously disappeared a couple of months later, without any reason or explanation. It's rumoured that they turned into Doges. Or something.

The original Nyancoin website and other services ceased working shortly after that - however all was not lost, since enough people kept the software running and continued to mine the coin.


The current software is based on Litecoin, which itself is derived from Bitcoin.

Proof of work, Scrypt algorithm
337 000 000 Coins
337 coins per block
1 Minute Blocks
P2P port: 33701
RPC port: 33700 (default, can be changed in configuration options)
Subsidy halves in 500k blocks
Difficulty Retarget Time: 3 hours
1% premine

Coins per block

First 49 blocks (1-49): 67400. (Intended to be the 1% premine, 50*67400 = 3370000, but actually only 49*67400)

337 from block 50, mined 6 January 2014.
168.5 from block 500000, mined 28 December 2014.
84.25 from block 1000000 mined 25 December 2015.
42.125 from block 1500000 mined 28 December 2016.

Originally, the specifications were to halve the coins every 337k blocks, this was changed after just a few weeks to 500k. Unfortunately, plenty of other sites still list the incorrect 337k.

The 'other' nyancoin

When launched, some other group had also created a Nyancoin, however theirs had a 10% premine for maximum greed, didn't work properly (or at all), did not have the support of the Nyancat creator and generally was not welcomed by anyone. They then changed their coin name to CRD and shortly afterwards disappeared as well. Now let's never speak of them again.


From early 2015, substantial work has been done by many individuals to rescue this coin from certain doom. All current, future and other projects can be found at www.reddit.com/r/nyancoins/.

You can help with this process. Many things are required, and joining the discussion on reddit is an excellent way to start.

Just downloading and running the Nyancoin software will help - the system relies on multiple nodes and more is always a good thing.

Nyan Cat?

Nyan Cat is a cat made from a pop-tart flying through space with a rainbow behind it. Yes, really.

This is the original YouTube video which is 3m 37s in length, hence the extensive occurence of the number 337 in the coin specifications and many other places. (Youtube now displays the video length as 3m 36s probably due to rounding down to the nearest whole second).

There is a facebook page, and a nyan.cat website.

This website, who and where

This website (www.nyancoin.info) and the domain name used by the Nyancoin software to locate other nodes (nyanseed.com) are maintained by jwflame / Flameport Enterprises as a service to the Nyancoin community.

Contact details can be found at www.flameport.com/contact.cs4 however most/all discussion relating to Nyancoin should be done on r/nyancoins.

Updated 01 July 2017.